Better Together: Digital + In-Person Strategies = Greater Return for Businesses and Customers 

Leveraging Tech and In-person Strategies for Success 

Follow up in real-time with relevant content

Generate greater demand by following up in real-time with your attendees through Certain's native integrations.

Create engagement and collect valuable data

Provide a tailored experience while also collecting useful information on your attendees preferences.

Personalize your attendee experience

Use customizable content and logic to create a unique, personalized experience for your event attendees.

Certain allows us to bring global events into our overall go-to-market strategy with the strength of their integrations and ability to support all types of events.

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The ability to provide a personalized and dynamic experience for our attendees is what we love most about Certain. We also appreciate the expertise they’ve brought in helping us meet our event marketing goals.

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Event Automation for Data Driven Marketers

Field Marketing 

Chief - Marketing Operations & Technology

Technologically-driven and in-person strategies are not an either/or situation for today’s businesses. Like peanut butter and jelly, digital tools and face-to-face communication are stronger when used together. This whitepaper explores best practices for how marketers can leverage tech tools and in-person situations, like events, to impress prospects and increase customer loyalty.