The Impact of COVID-19 on Events

Follow up in real-time with relevant content

Generate greater demand by following up in real-time with your attendees through Certain's native integrations.

Create engagement and collect valuable data

Provide a tailored experience while also collecting useful information on your attendees preferences.

Personalize your attendee experience

Use customizable content and logic to create a unique, personalized experience for your event attendees.

Certain allows us to bring global events into our overall go-to-market strategy with the strength of their integrations and ability to support all types of events.   

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The ability to provide a personalized and dynamic experience for our attendees is what we love most about Certain. We also appreciate the expertise they’ve brought in helping us meet our event marketing goals.

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Event Automation for Data Driven Marketers

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Supporting the Best Way Forward for Your Attendees and Your Business

This Ebook contains tips and major considerations for businesses and event professionals as they navigate the impact of COVID-19 on their events programs.  

At Certain, we've been actively working with our customers and partners to help gather information on best practices and key learnings since the start of the outbreak. As businesses evaluate the best and safest way forward for their in-person events, it is crucial to ensure that event professionals are making informed decisions related to in-person events and travel that prioritize the health and safety of the community.